Our methodology is founded in the solid precepts of comprehensive financial and investment planning, but goes well beyond traditional standards.  By combining financial planning, risk management, estate planning and investment management, we consider all aspects of our clients’ circumstances to provide a holistic approach to their personal financial management.

We start by developing a plan designed to preserve, manage and, ultimately, transfer our clients’ personal wealth based on their individual financial situation, goals and preferences. In this step we identify strategies best suited to support a client’s specific circumstances, and agree on a path forward.

After the plan is developed we assist, directly or indirectly, in the implementation of the various plan components as appropriate.  We will provide professional services within our scope of expertise and coordinate with clients’ attorney, accountant or other advisors at their request.  This step assures a solid foundation for our clients’ plans and future management.

Once the plan is implemented, we provide ongoing advice, management, and assistance under a written contract outlining our duties and compensation.  We meet regularly with our clients to review their financial position, prior-period activity and look ahead for challenges and opportunities. We are also available, as needed, for issues that may arise throughout the year.  We believe that financial management is a process rather than an event.

Our methodology is designed to establish and maintain long-term professional relationships with our clients, designated representatives and other professional advisers.  We understand the value of working as a team in order to obtain the best results for our clients.  Ours is a collaborative process.

Investment Management

Our investment philosophy guides our recommendations and keeps our clients informed as to our outlook and guiding principles.  A clear well-defined investment philosophy is imperative to successful portfolio construction and on-going management.

Our clients tend to be conservative / long-term investors.  In recognition of this, we attempt to provide opportunity for market-participation coupled with an appropriate risk/return balance for each client’s circumstances.  As an independent firm, we are not restricted to any specific type of investment or strategy.  We seek those investments that serve our clients’ needs and allow us the ability to manage them in an efficient and effective manner.


We believe strongly in the establishment of a mutually beneficial working relationship.  Although best described as a “fee-based” firm, we may be compensated in a number of ways allowing us to tailor this to each client’s unique circumstances and needs.  We foster open discussion and provide appropriate disclosure so that clients are fully aware of their cost of doing business with us.

“The world we have created today has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them.”

― Albert Einstein